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First of all, thanks for visiting my site. My name is Chi Chi, and I’m the creator behind this site.  I come from the art capital of South Africa – the ever so inspiring city of Cape Town.


From an early childhood, my friends and family pointed out that I seemed to have extreme curiosity for beautiful things. The flash of imagination of every possible technique used to create a piece of art would whirlpool through my head. This special characteristic didn’t stop at the thought of how things were made; I attempted it, questioned and remade it and then perfected it.


It’s no wonder then that nail art caught my eye – perfecting the technique of creating artworks for every possible occasion, just in miniature form – people started noticing. My art has also allowed me to span across a variety of industries - film, music, television, beauty as well as fashion. 


Branching out to content creations, brand activations, bespoke nail designs, nail art tutorials. I have been involved with some amazing brands where I now get to do what I love.


Best of all, nail art is a great conversation starter, right at your fingertips.


Contact me here for more information about my art.



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